Colored Glass & Plastic Bottles

Colored bottles are a popular way to add function and beauty to bottling, and each color has a unique purpose. Amber, white, and black plastic bottles are popular in the medicinal packaging industry to keep light from affecting the potency of the medication. Blue, amber, and green glass bottles are traditionally used to bottle wine and spirits to preserve taste and filter out harmful UV rays. At Berlin Packaging, we offer both colored glass bottles and colored plastic bottles so you can weigh the benefits of each to determine which would work best for your products.

Benefits of Colored Glass Bottles

Glass preserves taste and keeps food and beverages free of chemical leaching. Colored glass offers additional protection from UV rays that can cause your product to break down faster. Glass bottles are also recyclable and offer a more traditional aesthetic.

Benefits of Colored Plastic Bottles

Colored plastic bottles are recyclable, pliable, available in several colors, and provide UV filtering. While some water, soda, liquor, and juice bottling companies still use glass bottles, many have switched to aluminum cans or colored plastic bottles. Like glass, plastic is recyclable, but it has the added benefit of being lighter weight, which can help control shipping and handling costs.

Whether you choose plastic or glass for your product, when you partner with Berlin Packaging, you can take advantage of our additional services such as Decorating and Labeling.

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