Frosted glass jars are a durable, aesthetically pleasing way to package products. Use frosted jars to showcase your brand, and stand out among competitors. Purchasing glass jars wholesale helps reduce packaging costs without decreasing quality. With a wide mouth and solid base, these jars are easy to fill, a plus for manufacturers. For the consumer, they are an excellent choice for creams, makeup bases, and powders, allowing easy access to the product.

Frosted Glass Jars Offer Design Opportunities

Frosted glass jars display beautifully on store shelving, and offer a variety of labeling options. With flat lids and bottoms, frosted thick base jars have plenty of area available for labeling. This allows more opportunity for design on the side surfaces of the jars, while still leaving room for required ingredient and instruction labels on the bottom. Acid etching, peel and stick labels, and shrink-wrap all work well on glass jars.

Packaging Options for Wholesale Glass Jars

Glass containers like vials, bottles, and jars are a unique way to package personal beauty products, and home interior items like candles. Glass doesn't absorb oils or fragrances, so lotions and creams packaged in glass broad-based jars keep their contents potent while maintaining the product aroma longer. Candles require packaging that won't dilute or lose the fragrance of the essential spices, herbs, flowers, or oils used to create the smell of the candle. In addition, the package needs to handle the heat of a constant flame. Glass jars meet both requirements, and sealing them tightly keeps the scent in since glass is non-porous. Because glass doesn't retain the odor of its contents, frosted thick base jars and other glass containers are reusable. Glass is also recyclable. Made from highly sustainable materials, it is a renewable resource. Look to Berlin Packaging for threaded phenolic caps with liners to complete your packaging requirements. 

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