French square bottles provide stylish packaging for a variety of goods. Made from sturdy, thick-walled glass, these bottles are easy to clean and prepare for packaging, as most types of glass can withstand higher temperatures needed for sterilization. Glass French square bottles can also be reused and recycled without sacrificing their strength or quality. Pair with phenolic screw top caps with vinyl liners to eliminate any chemical interaction between the cap and product, and to seal in product integrity.

Features of Wholesale Glass French Square Bottles

When considering a square bottle for your product, a classic French square bottle offers a tall and sturdy version, with beautiful beveled edges, and four flat panels that make labeling and displaying product information convenient. With their iconic look, they appeal to a large market of consumers. Their square shape allows them to be packed tightly into boxes for shipping, thus saving space, and potentially reducing transportation or other shipping costs.

Like other shaped bottles, they have wide mouths, which make them easy to fill, and able to quickly dispense contents. They can be paired with continuous thread screw tops or other closures, such as tamper-evident caps that boost product integrity. These square-shaped bottles are available in a variety of capacities ranging from .5 to 32 ounces. 

What Products Are Suitable for Storing in French Square Bottles?

As is the case with all glass bottles, they are nonporous and impermeable, making them a nice fit for storing food products or beverages, as outside pollutants won't be able to reach the contents. Common food items stored in such bottles include thicker goods such as jams, sauces, or syrups. Clear glass square bottles offer product visibility and are often used for packaging pharmaceuticals, or health and beauty products. They allow you to quickly assess product levels, reducing overfilling due to lack of visibility.

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