Drum cradles help contain drums and barrels to prevent spills during dispensing or transfer. Wesco drum lifters make lifting and storing drums easy, and they come in standard and economy options. Some cradles are capable of holding drums that weigh over 600 lbs, and have wheels for ease of movement. Add safety to drum handling with cradles, lifters, and dollies.

Drum Cradles for More Than Lifting and Transfer

Some drum cradles offer options for storage, dispersal, and containment. Cradles that offer store, pour, and contain features for drums can secure steel barrels that weigh up to 600 lbs. The cradle itself is lightweight and mobile and has a spill containment area. This type of drum storage truck helps prevent worker fatigue and reduces the risk of product waste. Use forklift drum grab attachments to place drums on storage cradles to further reduce strain on workers. 

Drum Lifters for Strain Free Drum Movement

Increase productivity, and help boost morale with hydraulic drum lifts by reducing lifting, pushing, and pulling motions. Hydraulic lifters have on/off controls, auto grip locking mechanisms, and are spring-loaded. These lifters work with most locking ring 30, 55, and 85 gallon steel or plastic drums. Once correctly locked into the hydraulic lifter, drums and barrels will not slip out of the grip lock arms.

Drum Trucks for Storage and Easy Relocation

Two and four-wheel hand trucks are available for overpack drums with steel frames to reduce the risk of physical injury from jerking and lifting motions. Both drum trucks and steel drum dollies make moving and loading heavy drums easier. Drum cradles, dollies, trucks, and lifters are available for a variety of steel, fiber, and poly drums and barrels. Drum storage trucks are useful for drums or barrels used to store mixing materials that are used a little at a time, then stored away again.

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