Plastic drums offer a suitable solution for the bulk storage and transportation of a range of products, including food, beverages, lubricants, and cleaners. Berlin Packaging carries a range of HDPE plastic drums with lids in both open and tight head versions, many of which are FDA-approved.

The Difference Between Open and Tight Head Plastic Drums

There are two types of plastic drums - open head drums and tight head drums. Open head drums are suitable for dry media and thicker liquids such as paint, as contents can be emptied from an opening at the top of the drum via a removable lid. Some open head drums also feature a wide opening with a parallel body, making it easy to fill and empty contents. Tight head drums have no lid and are drained via an opening or fitting. Like many steel drums, they’re most suitable for liquids such as scented oils and beverages and can be used for developing, storing, and transporting a product.

Some open head drums feature a tapered body, allowing them to nest inside each other when not in use. This makes them a suitable choice when space saving is an important consideration. Like fiber drums, plastic drums are suitable for the storage of most dry materials.

Are Plastic Drums Acceptable For Holding Hazardous Materials?

Berlin Packaging’s range of plastic drums include some that are UN-rated, meaning they have gone through a series of tests to ensure they are fit for handling hazardous materials, and they meet testing and construction standards. This is enforced by the U.S. Department of Transportation to assure the containers can handle being transported without leakage.

Berlin Packaging Services

As well as supplying plastic drums wholesale, Berlin Packaging offers a complimentary financing service for customers to help their business grow while reducing debt service costs.

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