Use fiber drums to store and transport a variety of products, including dry goods, pharmaceuticals, and powders. Companies frequently hold dry and semi-dry merchandise and ingredients in these containers. They're particularly useful for the display of bulk merchandise. UN rated fiber drums can provide solutions for the transportation and disposal of some hazardous materials. Berlin Packaging offers fiber drums in sizes ranging from 10 to 55 gallons, providing packaging solutions that meet the needs of many industries.  

Features of Berlin Packaging's Fiber Drums

With large open tops, fiber drums allow quick machine or hand access. Manufacturers and wholesalers can fill these containers with a minimum of time, effort, and product wastage. Lever-lock ring closure mechanisms make these drums easy to open and close. Tamper-evident sealing designs offer an extra level of product security. The drums have smooth fiber interiors that deliver natural temperature control. Because of their uniform construction, these drums are easy to stack and secure for transport. For companies searching for liquid storage and transport options, plastic drums can provide an appropriate packaging solution. 

Creative Uses for Drums 

While many enterprises use fiber drums with lids for storage and transportation of dry goods, other industries can make use of these products. Craft stores and establishments catering to DIY clients frequently stock drums for creative projects. Home beer brewers often make use of steel barrels for fermentation and storage, and winemakers of all sizes need wine barrels

Why Use Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging offers comprehensive warehousing and inventory services to help businesses of all sizes reduce costs and increase efficiency. The company provides cost-effective storage options and responsive packaging delivery management. Eliminate storage costs associated keeping packaging on hand and save time by letting someone else stay on top of things like re-orders. With Berlin Packaging, companies can concentrate on business development instead of packaging logistics.   

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