Designed to fit around standard storage drums, overpack drums can offer an additional layer of protection for hazardous or other dangerous materials. They can also be used to house drums that are damaged or leaking to make sure the materials or waste stay contained for transport or storage. Made of strong HDPE plastic, these Poly overpack drums are available in a variety of capacities, so you can find the ideal container to handle your salvage drums. 

Overpack Drums - UN Rated For Transporting

The United Nations developed a set of standards for drums designed to hold hazardous materials to ensure that materials are sufficiently protected during shipping or storage. When choosing an overpack drum for your materials, make sure that it carries the correct UN rating for the substances you need to contain. Drums are tested to earn their rating, and the rating is displayed as a series of number and letter codes. It is the responsibility of the company or person filling the container to ensure that the rating is sufficient for the materials inside, so be sure to check the codes when selecting your container.

Overpack Drum Materials And Styles

There are many styles of overpack drums available. Plastic or poly overpack drums offer an additional layer of protection for storage containers for 55-gallon drums and larger. Depending on the contents, choose from a variety of lid styles that include screw top models, and lever lock ring models. Both are good options for transporting or moving salvage drums with corrosive materials, poisons, and hazardous waste. If you need to contain leaky or otherwise damaged storage drums, overpack drums are a good option.

Steel salvage drums with bolt and nut ring lids or lever lock ring lids are also available. They open and close easily, come in several sizes, and are UN rated.

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