Decanter bottles work well for pouring liquids easily, preserving freshness, and displaying products to their advantage. Decanters help prevent sediment from pouring out along with the liquid, such as with substances like fruit juice, kombucha, and wine. With capacity ranging from 8 to 64 oz (200 ml to 9 liters) in glass or plastic bottles, there are many options to choose from to suit various liquid products.

Plastic Bottles Are Durable

Plastic is lightweight and resistant to impact. Plastic bottles are affordable and available in both simple and more stylish shapes to suit any product. PET is a suitable alternative to glass as it remains clear like glass. It also doesn't release chemicals into the contents. Options available include juice decanter bottles, water bottles, and condiment bottles.

Glass Decanter Bottles for a Premium Feel

Glass has a sophisticated look to it and it works well for packaging liquids meant for consumption, as it keeps fumes out and is virtually inert. Glass can handle both heat and cold, making it suitable for a wide range of environments. It's also a fitting alternative to plastic packaging for businesses that prefer not to use plastic. Glass is a popular choice for wine bottles and packaging oil, but it can package a variety of different products.

Customization for Branding Purposes

In order to facilitate branding and the function of the bottles, caps and closures are sold separately. There is also ample space on the bottles for labels. Branding is also about the look of a product. Simple designs are suitable for a clean and streamlined look. Fluted-neck decanter bottles can add a stylish flair to the packaging, making them suited to premium items or products that require that something extra. Bottles shapes include round or square to work for specific preferences and branding.

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