Cleaner and solvent jugs have been used for decades to distribute and sell both commercial and household cleaning products. They serve as excellent containers for automotive products like motor oil and antifreeze. Jugs and bottles with wide mouths and specialized caps are appropriate for dispensing a variety of liquids, soaps, and chemical additives.

What Are the Advantages of HDPE Plastic Cleaner and Solvent Jugs?

HDPE plastic is the primary plastic of choice for consumer-friendly and industrial products for decades. HDPE is resistant to corrosion and mildew, making it the ideal material for household and industrial chemicals alike. It's one of the most common plastics used for cleaner and solvent jugs, namely because it doesn't break down when exposed to concentrated minerals and acids. Used for everything from milk jugs to laundry detergent, HDPE is also one of the most easily recycled plastics in the country.

Fluorinated Barriers Resist Permeation

In addition to beverage jugs, Berlin Packaging creates solvent and cleaner jugs designed for highly corrosive liquids. Fluorinated barriers, or barrier containers, are reinforced coatings that prevent the bottles from paneling, a physical sign that the bottles themselves are breaking down. Heavy-duty solvent jugs with caps resist paneling even with industrial chemicals used for cleaning products, pesticides and lawn agents, automotive cleaners and polishes, and industrial solvents.

Plastic Solvent Jugs Have Caps for Different Applications

Cleaner and utility jugs need different caps for various uses. Dispensing pumps with handles allow for quick and easy measuring and mixing of cleaning agents at both industrial and retail facilities. Cleaner jugs with wide mouths allow for convenient cleaning and refilling, a popular solution for dry materials and ingredients. Tamper-evident lids reassure customers that the contents have remained secure during shipping and while on store shelves. Foam-lined caps form a permeation barrier that prevents odors and vapors from leaking out of the jugs, while also preventing the contents from further deterioration.

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