An increasing number of states are legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana, and the demand for cannabis edible products is growing rapidly. This spike in demand has created a need for functional and stylish packaging that meets the needs of the edible product and legal requirements.

Cannabis Gummy Packaging

Cannabis edible products range from traditional baked goods to beverages. As the rise in popularity grows, so do the product options. Some of the most popular forms of edibles include gummies and vitamins. These products are well suited for traditional pill bottles such as glass packer bottles – which feature a wide mouth opening for easy filling and dispensing. Amber glass packer bottles provide UV protection for light sensitive products, and the impermeable nature of glass protects product from air and moisture.

More Popular Marijuana Edible Packaging Options

Berlin Packaging offers a variety of child-resistant capable dropper bottles perfect for edible cannabis tinctures or if you’re looking to package cannabis oral sprays check out our assortment of fine mist spray bottles. Whether you’re packaging edible powders, cannabis infused oils, or mints, we have the packaging solution for you.  And don't forget to pick up child-resistant capable exit bags to ensure your customers are safe to exit the dispensary with their goods!

Sourcing for Cannabis Edibles Packaging

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us for a free packaging consultation. We are happy to source the product you need!

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