As the popularity of CBD-infused drinks increases around the world, the industry is growing at an explosive rate. Set your CBD beverage packaging apart with cannabis drink bottles from Berlin Packaging. 

CBD Beverage Bottles and Caps

Both glass and plastic bottles have the advantage of being recyclable, so choosing between the two comes down to company preference. Glass bottles are inert and less likely to react chemically with their contents, but they tend to be heavier and potentially breakable when not handled with care. Plastic bottles are lighter and more durable than glass when shipped. Regardless of your material choice, Berlin Packaging has a variety of CBD drink bottles available and can help you select the design to protect your product and help it stand out on the shelves.

In addition to cannabis beverage bottles, we offer a wide range of lids and closures, including child-resistant cable can caps and bags. For assistance with choosing the right combination of cannabis beverage packaging, contact us for a packaging consultation. Ask about our other services to help your business grow, including design, labeling, warehousing, and financing.

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