Butter Tubs

Foods like butter, margarine, dips, and spreads can be safely packaged in tamper-evident tubs that not only keep your product fresh but also give customers an extra level of assurance that their food has not been opened before purchase. These tubs are ideal for dairy products that need to be sealed for freshness, from smaller plastic butter tubs to larger buckets for ice cream and other items. Available in a variety of capacities and in colors like white, natural, and clear, these containers will ensure that your product arrives safely at customers' homes exactly as it was packaged.

Snap-Lock Lids

Resealable snap-lock butter tubs with lids are good options for products that need to stay free of contamination from outside odors and flavors. The snap-lock lids on these food-grade containers ensure a tight seal every time, even when they are opened and closed often. Several styles of tamper-evident tubs will let customers know if a product has already been opened for the first time. Depending on the butter tub you choose, snap-lock and tamper-evident lids may be included.

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