Benefits of Using Blue Glass Bottles

Blue glass bottles provide long-lasting, attractive packaging to ensure your products are stored safely. Blue glass is derived from cobalt or copper being added to the liquid mixture before the heating process. Glass bottles are useful for storing products without altering their taste, quality, or consistency because they are impermeable, protecting their contents from the air so that they last longer. There are also a variety of shapes, sizes, and tops to choose from to further increase shelf-life. For example, swing-top bottles contain a rubber seal and are therefore best for contents that need additional protection from exposure. For consumable liquids, glass is a good choice because it keeps contents safe from chemical contamination. Glass bottles are also an environmentally friendly option since they can be recycled and are easy to clean. Furthermore, glass is a durable material that can withstand long periods of use and retain its original strength and condition.

Customize Your Blue Glass Bottles

To better protect your product, cobalt glass bottles can be customized with either smooth or frosted surfaces and light or dark glass. When storing alcoholic beverages, dark blue glass bottles are best as the darker the bottle, the less outside light will penetrate and change the quality of the liquor. Options like glass lab bottles can be fitted with a variety of tops like spouts or continuous thread or snap screw caps. Use blue glass spray bottles which feature fine mist sprayers to easily dispense products. Or, choose Euro dropper bottles which contain drop-dispensers for precise measurement and tamper-evident caps which ensure product integrity.

What Services Do Berlin Packaging Offer?

Services include benefits such as decorating and labeling options. Either submit your own design or consult with an in-house graphics and branding team for suggestions. Additionally, you won't need to worry about warehousing and logistics as your inventory can be housed, managed, and delivered by Berlin Packaging.

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