Beer Packaging

Global Supply Base

Packaging can account for a meaningful percentage of a beer brand’s costs. To ensure your packaging is compelling as well as cost-effective, we have a worldwide network of manufacturing partners that we tap on your behalf. Our scale allows us to achieve attractive prices for you, and our expertise in supply-chain management means we further reduce your expenses beyond just the piece-price.

Drink It In

Brewing beer dates back at least 6000 years. Today, there are more than 5000 breweries in North America, and counting. One of our favorite sayings: “We drink what we can. And what we can’t, we can” (and bottle!).

Drink it In
Amazing Premium Designs from Bruni Glass

Amazing Premium Designs from Bruni Glass

Bruni Glass is a leading supplier of specialty and premium glass. The Bruni Glass team has intense creativity and execution prowess in the spirits market. Bruni has 40+ years’ experience, a world-class design studio, a network of high-quality manufacturers, and a team dedicated to thrilling service.

Peace Tree Brewing’s Blonde Fatale

Peace Tree Brewing is a proud craft brewery that is dedicated to handcrafted, full-flavored beers with great attention to quality. Their product line consists of four flagship craft brews, as well as several seasonal and specialty beers produced throughout the year, all of which had been packaged in stock 350 mL heritage bottles. Starting with Peace Tree’s Belgian-style blonde ale monikered Blonde Fatale, the brewery wanted to modify their existing standard bottle for better utility (achieving a true 12-ounce fill and easier opening) and better shelf impression in the competitive craft-beer market. The new custom packaging – a stubby bottle with distinctive embossments wrapped in vibrant graphics and cartons – designed by Studio One Eleven, creates a bold shelf presence. The label and the bottle show how Peace Tree straddles classic and contemporary, with bold colors and intricate designs. And the new package fills to 12-ounces and works perfectly on the existing filling line equipment, which has allowed the company to gain efficiencies.

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We Have You Covered

Berlin Packaging has years of experience providing packaging solutions to brewers and brand owners to help them succeed in the marketplace. From low-cost glass and plastic bottles, to aluminum cans we get to you on time, to closures and carriers and beyond – we have everything you need to package your beer.

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Berlin Packaging features a range of bottle styles suitable for packaging your business or hobbyist craft beers, ciders, liquors, kombucha, sodas, or cold-pressed juices. A variety of caps are available, including swing-top, crown pry-off, and twist-off. Choose from glass or plastic bottles in amber, blue, or clear colors. For a feature bottle, review the stainless steel bottle options.

What Styles of Beer Bottles Are Available?

Standard 12 oz longneck beer bottles with crown caps are the industry standard. For an alternative beverage bottle look, heritage beer bottles have the same capacity but are shorter than the classic longneck beer bottles. Both styles feature large areas for labeling to help customers easily recognize your brand. Bale wire beer bottles feature a wire swing-top cap with a rubber seal to preserve product quality while giving your brand a more traditional aesthetic. Glass growlers with a finger loop lend a craft, homebrew feel to the product. PET growler bottles are an economical solution when selecting a takeaway beer. When considering kombucha bottles, many craft bars, breweries, and restaurants use them for customer loyalty schemes. PET bottles have the added benefits of being washable, reusable, and durable.

Benefits of Glass Packaging

Amber glass beer bottles reduce ultraviolet light, preventing beer from breaking down or spoiling, a common problem. Amber glass is more suitable for products that are light sensitive or need long-term storage. For products that require shorter-term storage, look for clear glass milk or juice bottles. Since glass is chemically inert, it protects product quality, as it doesn't alter the flavor of products, and prevents contamination from outside sources. In addition to food safety benefits, glass packaging gives the product a premium feel for customers. Glass is a sustainable packaging option due to its ability to be re-used and recycled.