Amber Jars

Use amber jars to package all your light-sensitive products tastefully. Berlin Packaging offers a range of jar sizes, starting as small as a half-ounce. Choose amber jars with lids or buy the closures separately to mix and match styles.

Amber Jars Help Preserve Contents

A wide variety of health and beauty products, such as creams, ointments, perfumes, and powders, contain UV-sensitive ingredients. Amber jars have UV-filtering properties that can help preserve and protect these light-sensitive products and prevent chemical reactions that may cause the contents to deteriorate.

Why Partner with Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging offers amber jars for large-scale businesses or companies aiming at niche markets. Buy bulk amber jars at wholesale prices to save on cost without sacrificing quality. Our teams at Berlin Packaging can work with you to create the containers you need and monitor the whole supply chain process.

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