Use amber jars to package all your light-sensitive products tastefully. Berlin Packaging offers a range of jar sizes available from 0.5 ounces to 32 ounces. These jars are suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, and beauty products, among others.

Amber Jars Help Preserve Contents

A wide variety of health and beauty products such as creams, ointments, perfumes, and powders contain UV-sensitive ingredients. Amber jars have UV-filtering properties that can help preserve and protect these light-sensitive products and prevent chemical reactions that may cause contents to deteriorate.

Other Features of Amber Jars

Plastic and glass amber jars are available in a variety of capacities to meet your packaging needs. Packaging your product into a variety of same-shape but different-size amber jars is a first-class way of promoting brand awareness. Amber is an aesthetically pleasing color that adds a luxurious touch and is suitable for helping highlight brands in retail settings. Select jars come with recessed label panels that can be dressed up with a custom label from the Berlin Packaging custom label creator.

Both glass and plastic amber jars typically have straight vertical walls and wide mouths that make contents easy to access with cosmetic sponges and brushes. Glass jars are reusable, recyclable, and easy to clean and sterilize, while plastic is lightweight for transport and storage.

Lug closure finishes on amber jars make pairing with lids a simple matter in production lines as they only need a partial turn to seal the contents. This type of closure is attractive to consumers who need to access contents quickly.

Why Use Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging offers amber jars for large-scale businesses or companies aiming at niche markets. Buy amber jars in bulk to save on cost without sacrificing quality. Teams at Berlin Packaging can work with you to create the product you require and monitor the whole supply chain process.

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