Aluminum Bottles

Aluminum bottles are lightweight, durable, and cost-effective to ship. Brushed aluminum bottles offer visual appeal for customers and are corrosion-resistant for bottling a large variety of products.

Why Choose Aluminum Spray Bottles?

Aluminum spray bottles are a good choice for cleaning solutions as they don't absorb scents and are strong enough to resist punctures or breakage. Pairing aluminum bottles with fine mist sprayers is a practical solution for many products, including aerosol products such as hairspray, air fresheners, or oil-based lubricants.

Use Brushed Aluminum Bottles for Packaging That Stands Out

Brushed aluminum bottles are cosmetically attractive and make beautiful containers for scented oils and body sprays. Aluminum is popular with consumers because they can wash and reuse the bottles or recycle them. With the right branding, like unique labeling, brushed aluminum bottles can make your product stand out from the rest. Using Berlin Packaging's labels and labeling machines ensures sharp label printing and even placement. Aluminum bottles have many decorative possibilities such as spray painting, screen printing, and decal application.

Wholesale Options

Buying aluminum bottles wholesale keeps your inventory room stocked and production downtime to a minimum. Find bulk aluminum bottles in various shapes, sizes, and quantities to meet your high-capacity bottling needs.

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