For a product viewed on a shelf by consumers, aesthetics are as important as the product itself. An eye-catching label affixed correctly gives a professional, high-quality look. To do this, bottle labeling machines affix labels securely and smoothly, and align them correctly every time.

Save Time With Bottle Labeling Machines

A professional look means placement of bottle labels is accurate and consistent each time. The time consumption doing this by hand is enormous. With bottle labeling machines, this becomes a time-efficient process. User-friendly, fast, and accurate bottle labeling machines increase efficiency and help keep production moving.

Benefits Of Automatic Bottle Labeling Machines

Powered by a foot pedal to keep hands free during the process, automatic bottle labeling machines are able to handle a large variety of round smooth surfaces. No tools are needed to switch sizes of containers in the bottle support. Tension is adjustable to keep the tautness consistent for a smooth application of all bottle labels, giving a uniform, professional finish. The label backing papers are collected neatly, keeping the work area tidy. At around 35 pounds in weight, the steel automatic bottle labeling machines are stable and durable.

Benefits Of Manual Bottle Labeling Machines 

For a small cottage industry, or limited product lines, the manual bottle labeling machines are easy to use, and help to keep costs to a minimum because they require no tools or electricity. The manual bottle labeling machines will accommodate round bottles with a diameter of 1 inch to 5 inches, and a label roll of up to 12 inches. The top applicator brush gives the bottle labels an even and secure, clean, smooth look.

Customize Labels Easily

With over 30 label sizes and shapes to choose from at Berlin Packaging, creating a designer look for a product line is easy with the Custom Label Creation tool. UV-resistant, and with a gloss finish, the durable BOPP labels will help your product be eye-catching.

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