8 ml Matte Black PETG Plastic Tube with Doe Foot Wand - 1122B92FDF

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  • 8 ml Matte Black PETG Plastic Tube
  • Includes Doe Foot Wand Cap and Wiper
  • Flocked wand

Inventory Alert - 8 ml Matte Black PETG Plastic Tube with Doe Foot Wand - 1122B92FDF

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About This Product

8 ml Matte Black PETG Plastic Tube with Flocked Doe Foot Wand

Our PETG Plastic tubes feature fashionable black matte color that will make your product stand out on the shelf and provide ample space for labeling your unique brand. The included doe foot wand features a matte black cap and wiper. This flocked doe foot wand can be used to apply a variety of cosmetic products such as lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, concealers and foundations. Trending uses also include gels and serums. Wiper functions as a reducer to wipe excess from the wand. Tubes arrive without caps attached. Once tubes have been filled, the cap may be applied. The wiper will seat itself on the tube when the cap is first installed. Once seated in the tube, the wiper is not intended to be removed. When the wand is inserted back into the tube for storage, the wiper prevents product from leaking out of the tube. Each set includes a black PETG plastic tube, black PP plastic cap, wiper, PE plastic wand and flocked doe foot wand.

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