55 Gallon Drums

Able to hold both liquids and solids, 55 gallon drums can be used for large quantities of almost any material, including chemicals and other hazardous substances that need to be properly stored or disposed of. Choose from plastic drums, fiber drums, or metal drums, depending on the materials you need to contain. These industrial drums are also available in other capacities and colors, so you can find the size and style that best fits your needs.

UN Rated Drums

The United Nations developed this rating system for shipping or storing hazardous materials. There are several levels of UN rated drums to reflect the nature of the materials being contained. When choosing UN rated drums for your product, be it corrosive chemicals or other dangerous liquids, solids, or waste, consider the drum material and rating to ensure that your drums meet all requirements, and are safe for you to handle and ship.

Closed And Open Head Drums

There are two main styles of industrial drums available. Open head drums are typically used for dry or solid materials and consist of an open top with a lid that can be removed and replaced relatively easily. This is a good option for products that need to be accessed often, like grains or other foods. If you need to store or ship liquids, closed head drums are a better option since the lids are sealed and cannot be opened. Some more corrosive or dangerous liquids are often contained in overpack drums, which often use a lever lock ring lid to allow for faster opening and closing. 

What is the Difference Between Drum Materials?

HDPE plastic drums are often FDA approved to carry food items in bulk, while stainless steel drums are used more for hazardous materials. Epoxy-lined steel containers add an extra barrier for more corrosive substances that need more protection against leakage.

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