Yogurt Tubs

Yogurt tubs are plastic containers designed to minimize leaks, and they hold far more than just yogurt. Fabricated to contain partially viscous liquids, these products are also useful for packaging foods like ice cream, gelatin desserts, pudding, and other semi-solid items. Restaurants commonly freeze and store liquids in large, reusable yogurt containers.

Plastic Yogurt Containers Come with a Variety of Features

Berlin Packaging offers yogurt tubs that feature several useful design elements. Tamper-evident lids increase customer perception of product safety on items packaged at off-site warehouses. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe products work well in institutional settings that require reusability. Hot-fillable selections have more rigidity and retain their form even after being exposed to high temperatures. Pet food and other dry goods manufacturers can benefit from products with built-in handles that increase the ease of lifting heavy containers.

Berlin Packaging Decorating and Labeling

Berlin Packaging has a dedicated staff of designers and marketing experts available to assist enterprise, medium, and small business clients with branding and marketing. Offering full-service decorating and labeling, Berlin Packaging can handle the entire branding process, from idea creation to implementation.

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