White plastic bottles are a suitable solution for storing and presenting a variety of products, including food and drink, industrial liquids, and cosmetics. They’re suitable for products that require decoration as the white color provides a plain background, enabling decoration to stand out. Berlin Packaging offer wholesale white plastic bottles, including HDPE, MDPE and PET plastic bottles.

White Plastic Bottles Offer a Variety of Features

Bottles are available with a range of different features, including tamper-evident and leakproof lids, as well as recessed label panels, which help protect the product’s label from damage.

Some bottles provide features that make them suitable for cosmetic products, such as roll-on application tops and dispensing systems. Tottle bottles are flexible and stored cap-down, facilitating the easy dispensing of thicker liquids.

Which Type of Plastic is Best?

A common use for polyethylene terephthalate is PET bottles. This material offers a good moisture barrier and is sometimes used for packaging food and drink. It’s one of the most easily recycled plastics, and can be effectively recycled many times over, making it a suitable option where sustainability is an important selling point of the product.

Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) is flexible and provides good shock resistance, making MDPE bottles suitable for cosmetics that need to be squeezed rather than poured out.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles are frequently used in food and beverage products, but are also suitable for industrial uses due to their impact resistance and reliability. HDPE bottles maintain their integrity when exposed to chemical corrosives, including high salt concentrations and very high/low pH levels. For liquids that require protection from light damage, consider colored bottles, such as amber bottles.

Use Berlin Packaging Services

Berlin Packaging offers a range of complementary services, including decorating and labeling, in exchange for supply agreements. Techniques available include spray coating, shrink-wrapping, decal and label application, screen printing and full-body embossment, each helping to ensure your product stands out from its competitors.

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