Takeout Containers

Takeout containers are a critical trade tool for restaurants and other food service establishments. Some use them to package takeout meals, and others use them for on-site storage. Enterprise food production companies can use sturdy snap-lock selections to package semi-liquid items like dips and sauces. Supermarket delis often use clear, round snap-lock products of various sizes to package pre-cooked foods and ready-to-serve salads. Some round plastic takeout containers feature designs that facilitate space-saving stacking. Square and rectangular products made with durable, clear plastic are another option suitable for restaurant use.

Berlin Packaging offers bulk takeout containers at wholesale prices that can withstand the rigors of freezing and reheating. Environmentally minded companies can choose dishwasher-safe items to encourage customers to reuse packaging.

In addition to offering a variety of takeout containers, Berlin Packaging can help your products stand out with custom decorating services. We provide solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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