Stainless steel drums are a good choice for storing a myriad of products like beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or dry goods such as grains or powders. They can be purchased to hold various capacities like 5, 10, or even 30 gallons. Choose from a variety of closures and features to better suit your product. Consider Berlin Packaging when considering SS drums, or other style drums when packing.

Benefits of Using UN Rated Steel Drums

SS Drums are well known for their corrosion resistance. They do not rust easily as they resist oxidation and damage from water and air exposure because of their chromium content. Stainless steel drums are also highly resistant to acids and bases, making them a good option for storing chemicals or hazardous materials. Stainless steel is a material that can typically withstand higher temperatures while retaining its strength. This durability results in a long lifespan that protects your products and allows you to reuse drums without sacrificing strength or quality. Stainless steel is recyclable, and the elements from which it is made are valuable when separated from other materials.

What Types of Bulk Stainless Steel Drums Are Available?

Stainless steel drums with lids include options like bolt and nut rings that allow you to adjust closure tightness. When considering packing in 55-gallon drums, stainless steel drums handle wine storage well, as they are designed to be used during fermentation, maturation, or other processes. Choose from options with rolling hoops that reinforce structural integrity, and make drums easy to handle when filled. Drums with open heads ensure quick and easy filling or extraction, and those with UN ratings are essential for shipping certain products internationally.

Additional Services Provided

Berlin Packaging offers many additional services such as warehousing and supply chain management. Their team of professional designers will work with you to decorate packaging, and create eye-catching labels. They'll help you define your brand, select color schemes, and incorporate your logo into your packaging.

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