Used for storing industrial items like paint, adhesives, thinners, and other solvents, these solvent cans are designed to keep the materials inside safe, while making the containers and their contents safe to handle and store. Cans are available in a variety of sizes, so it's easy to find the capacity and style that is best for your product. Most cans are metal, making them easily recyclable, and all contain ample space for your own custom label and branding.

Can Styles

F-style solvent cans are rectangular, making them good space-saving options for storage. These industrial cans have a cap on top, and are good options for liquids like paint thinners and oils that are meant to be poured. Paint cans are typically round, and come in a variety of sizes, from small epoxy-lined cans for latex or water-based paints to larger steel paint cans, ideal for house paint. Flat-top and cone-top steel solvent cans are good for adhesives or lubricants, and can be used with a variety of caps.

Cap Types

Flat-cap cans often have the cap included, and these solvent cans with caps may include a dauber or brush for liquids that need to be spread or dispensed in small amounts. Delta caps used with cone-top cans are recommended for use with aggressive solvents, and child-resistant caps can protect against unwanted opening of hazardous chemicals. Plug lids are commonly found on paint cans and need to be pried open. Caps are sold separately for other styles of cans, so you can select the type that best fits your product. 

Turnkey Decorating

The final touch for your can is to apply a custom label that promotes your product and your brand. Berlin's labeling services can help you get your product ready for market with options like decal application, and hot-stamping, shrink sleeves, and wraps. With a quick turnaround, you can see a final prototype in just a few hours.

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