Screw cap vials are a practical packaging solution for sample-size health, beauty, and pharmaceutical products. Glass screw cap vials are impermeable and don't undergo chemical leaching, so your products stay pure.

Uses for Screw Cap Vials

Use glass screw cap vials to package sample products or as full-size product packaging options. There are multiple cosmetics packaging uses for screw cap vials. Make your beauty product easy to apply by packaging cream eye shadows, lip glosses, and light concealers in rollerball vials with screw caps. Compact glass vials are easy to sterilize, are shatter-resistant, and seal airtight with screw caps. 

Vials for Sensitive Products

Certain pharmaceutical and holistic products are light sensitive, and they require specialized packaging. Amber screw cap vials feature a natural UV-resistant property that helps prevent light from altering product composition. Packaging products such as tinctures, essential oils, or over-the-counter salicylic acid in amber screw cap vials helps maintain potency and aroma. Using glass vials for essential oils is especially useful, since glass containers are non-porous and don't absorb oil or scent.

Chemical or pharmaceutical labs may also use centrifuge or cryogenic screw cap vials for storing or testing biological or chemical samples. Using sterile laboratory vials helps protect the integrity of samples and protects contents from air, moisture, and foreign contaminants. Screw top borosilicate glass vials are useful for collecting environmental samples, with some vials being EPA certified for use with organic compounds. 

Innovative Designs for Product Packaging

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