Berlin Packaging offers a wide range of salad dressing bottles that will grab a consumer's attention. Shaped glass and plastic bottles with clear or colored finishes offer aesthetically pleasing containers and create brand identity options. Look for screw top and cork models to complement your product. When considering bottles for a specific purpose, discover unique styles and multiple capacities for packaging any type of BBQ or spicy sauces, or base products like syrup and honey.

Glass Salad Dressing Containers

Stand out from the crowd with different shape options, including deco, decanter, and pyramid-style glass salad dressing bottles, ideal for upscale sauces, marinades, or salad oils. Consider a salad dressing decanter for restaurants or other commercial markets, or long neck and tapered top glass bottles for a variety of liquids, including juice, and other beverages. Traditional clear glass vinegar bottles handle much more than vinegar. Like many beverage and food bottles, these are FDA approved and BPA free, which means they can contain a broad range of liquids including sauces, salad dressings, fruit nectars, and juice concentrates. Pair with a lined phenolic screw cap to package acidic products and avoid any interaction between product and container.

Plastic Salad Dressing Bottles

Berlin offers a number of PET plastic salad dressing bottles in equally functional and attractive sizes and shapes, including oblong, oval, flask, stepped, and banjo styles. PET bottles are shatter-resistant and lightweight, making them a low-cost option for shipping and handling. Additionally, polypropylene (PP) salad dressing containers are highly heat resistant and can be hot-filled with sauces and marinades.

Advantages of Buying Bulk Salad Dressing Bottles from Berlin Packaging

Choosing salad dressing bottles at wholesale prices from Berlin Packaging means you save money and gain additional benefits. We offer services to help you grow your business, including design, labeling, and inventory control  all in one place!

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