Competitively-Priced Pouches & Thermoformed Trays

Berlin Packaging goes beyond standard rigid containers. We evolve with your needs.

We are 'Flexperts'

Flexible pouches are growing in popularity, and innovations in this area are frequent. Rely on our expertise to match you with the best option. We can help you the whole way – from designing the right shape and graphics, to picking the right fitments and closures, to managing sourcing and inventory.

Your needs are unique and our goal is to supply or create a package that will thrill you and your customers.

Form-Fitted Thermoform Trays

Both for looks and functionality, thermoform trays are very popular in all types of consumer and industrial applications. We provide our customers with a vast array of thermoform options, either stock or custom. Our network of manufacturing facilities will be able to offer a thermoform solution that differentiates you from the competition.

Many stock options for:

  • Hinged containers
  • Bowls
  • Portioning
  • Tamper evidence

Custom Solutions Available

Our Packaging Consultants with work with you to explore all of the possibilities. We start with a ‘needs analysis’ and work with you to build the perfect package. When stock options don't cut it, we utilize our design studio and manufacturing network to meet your needs.

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