Popcorn Tins

The sturdy construction of popcorn tins makes them excellent for packaging popcorn, cookies, trail mix, candy, and other dry snacks any time of year. Choose from sizes ranging from 17 ounces to 6 gallons.

Popcorn Tins as a Packaging Solution

Empty popcorn tins come in several solid colors that complement custom-designed peel-and-stick or vinyl shrink-wrap labels. Protect snack items and showcase your product with FDA-approved popcorn and cookie tins in vivid colors. Order wholesale popcorn tins in bulk to cut costs and save time.

Let Us Source Your Packaging

Sourcing the type of packaging you need is not always easy, so let Berlin Packaging do the work for you. Our team works with manufacturing partners around the world and can source quality goods that are delivered on time and at the best prices.

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