The sturdy makeup of popcorn tins make them excellent for packaging cookies, trail mix, candy, popcorn, and other dry snack favorites any time of year. Choose from large-capacity options like gallon-size novelty tins with handles down to quart-size and smaller.

Popcorn Tins as a Packaging Solution

The most popular closure for popcorn tins are slipcover lids, but there are options for plug caps and slide tops that provide further design opportunities. If you'd rather stick with tried and true, order options for novelty tins that include the correct size lids for your packaging. Empty popcorn tins also come in several solid colors that complement custom-designed peel-and-stick or vinyl shrink-wrap labels. Protect snack items and showcase your product with FDA approved popcorn and cookie tins in holiday patterns and vivid colors. Order empty popcorn tins in bulk to cut costs and use tins for packaging a variety of products.

Uses for Holiday Popcorn Tins

Choose holiday popcorn tins for themed holidays like Valentine's Day or Christmas. Using seasonal packaging helps make your brand stand out on a shelf. Assorted popcorn flavors in decorative popcorn tins are almost a holiday gifting tradition but there are other ways to use holiday tins as packaging. Consider packaging cosmetics and other health and beauty gift collections in decorative tins with handles. Dog treat manufacturers can package biscuits or other canine treats in paw print patterned tins with slipcover lids to keep them fresh longer. Decorative tins also offer consumers recyclable or reusable storage. 

Let Berlin Packaging Source Your Packaging

Sourcing the type of packaging you need is not always easy, so let Berlin Packaging do the work for you. The team works with a large number of manufacturing partners around the world and can source quality goods that are delivered on time and at the best prices.

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