Novelty tins are great for packaging a variety of products, from food and stationery to gifts and special items. The snug lids help to keep out contaminants and keep food items fresh. Find various themes and designs to choose from, including the beach, countryside scenes, prints, and animals. Festive themes representing holidays are also available. Find FDA-approved and UV resistant options to handle sensitive products easily.

Decorative Tins

Novelty tins add a personal touch, particularly when the design reflects the style of your business, or your packaging preferences. They can be quirky, touching, or celebratory as the circumstances require. A few of the tins also have stylized words such as popcorn, biscuits, or tea, which is great for matching them to specific contents, and suggesting future uses. Decorative tins are eye-catching, which makes them good for shop displays. As with many tins, most provide a matching lid. Blank seamless tins are also available in the case where labels are to be applied. Order novelty tins in bulk or in smaller quantities to suit the needs of your business.

Tins That Mesh With Various Products

While many of the tins are in the general shape of round cookie tins, there are also oblong options, and tins that double as buckets. There is a wide range of capacities, from as little as 0.5 ounces to as big as 6 gallons. Large tins are great for products like popcorn, biscuits, and toys. Smaller tins are good for packaging party favors, or specialty confectionery products. Lid types include plugs, which are a good option for packaging tea and coffee, slide tops, which work handily for stationery items, and slipcovers that work well for a variety of products. Various tin liners are available that allow you to package contents in separated compartments. Pad liners that add a barrier between the tin and oily or sticky products are also available. Consider branded or decorative paper tin liners.

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