Choose cost-efficient, lightweight polypropylene bottles to provide durable packaging for a variety of products. Polypropylene water bottles resist chemical leaching, and are suitable for storage in the refrigerator or freezer. The materials used to create polypropylene are sustainable, and production takes less fuel consumption and produces fewer emissions than some other plastics. Polypropylene plastic bottles are recyclable, and they maintain clarity. Using polypropylene is an environmentally friendly solution to packaging a variety of products. Ordering polypropylene bottles and caps in bulk reduces cost and decreases unnecessary downtime.

Why Polypropylene Works Well for Medical Storage

Polypropylene bottles are beneficial for products that need to be measured as they are available with measurement indicators; significant for chemicals, pastes, and other mixtures. Polypropylene materials are microwaveable and heat-resistant, and can get hot without altering odor or taste. Using polypropylene also prevents chemical leaching, so content composition doesn’t change when sealed for an extended time. Seal the bottles with phenolic caps combined with polycone liners to help preserve contents. For sensitive materials, use tamper-evident or safety seal caps to protect contents and keep chemicals away from children.

Polypropylene Bottles for Personal Hygiene Products

Medical and hotel supplies companies can purchase polypropylene bottles wholesale to package body wash, lotion, mouthwash, and other personal care products. Personal hygiene products can be paired with a variety of caps, including pump, spray, screw, or disc caps. Using disc caps for shampoo, lotion, and conditioner is common practice in toiletry supply industries as the lids are easy to open, and are cost-effective.

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