Companies seeking an economical packaging choice that is lightweight, sturdy, and available in numerous design-conscious profiles often choose plastic bottles with caps. These products come in a variety of high-quality plastics, and the caps include smooth-sided and ribbed options.

Benefits of Plastic Bottles with Screw Caps

Because they're shatter-proof, plastic bottles help reduce inventory breakage and are durable for transporting. Berlin Packaging offers plastic food and beverage bottles in materials that include HDPE and PET. They're cost-effective and offer good resistance to moisture and chemicals, and their light weight allows for large volumes for shipping. These bottles are recyclable, which is an added attraction for your consumers. Plus, purchasing bulk plastic bottles with lids at wholesale prices saves you money and time.

Choosing the Optimum Small Bottles with Lids

With a wide range of sizes, colors, and lid options, we make selecting small bottles simple. Some of our bottles are suitable for freezing and others for refrigerator or shelf storage. Small plastic bottles with screw caps are well-suited for holding liquids, offering easy access to the contents. Lids include tamper-evident ratchet styles for liquids such as milk and juice; these lids make it easy for consumers to see that contents are in the state they left your facility. Screw tops, also known as continuous thread lids, are popular for many applications with bottles in the food, pharmaceutical, and beauty industries. Child-resistant capable and leakproof screw caps help keep contents intact. Lids come in plastic and metal to suit your company's product.

Why Choose Berlin Packaging?

While we excel at offering high-quality plastic bottles with caps at wholesale prices, Berlin Packaging's value-added brand and identity design services help you take your products and packaging to the highest level. Our design division, Studio One Eleven, supports your product with graphic design and brand strategy services. Take advantage of our management consulting services to position your brand for optimal profits.

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