Measuring containers made of various plastics typically have graduated markings for easy quantity calculations. Depending on the manufacturing process, plastic measuring containers are either made with special molds or use print processes to create capacity indicators. Plastic measuring containers are shatter-resistant, come in varying shapes, and are available in convenient sizes.

Measuring Containers for Labs and Industrial Fluids

Accuracy and precision in scientific settings is essential, and scientists use the System of Units (SI Units) to standardize measurements worldwide. Some plastic measuring containers are durable for use in gauging amounts of chemicals, motor oil, caustic materials, and other industrial-grade products. A popular packaging option for hazardous chemicals such as carbon dioxide or argon in their refrigerated liquid form are Bettix bottles. Double-neck, plastic Bettix measuring containers offer options for measured pouring using the chambered neck or a regular pour through a standard bottleneck. One chamber stores the produce, while the other one dispenses it. The pliable construction of the plastic containers makes them easy to squeeze.

Plastic Measuring Containers for Medical Purposes

LDPE plastic transfer pipettes and droppers measure in milliliters (ml) and graduate in varying increments for use in medical laboratories when testing blood and other bodily fluids. Use plastic carboys with caps and liter scales to store or transport bulk medications. Plastic and aluminum scoops are suitable for measuring out powders, while measuring containers with spouts help reduce mess during pouring. Spouts may be rigid or flexible and removable.

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