Mason jars are a popular choice when it comes to packaging products, especially edible contents as the glass jars preserve flavor and prevent contamination. These jars and their threaded tops date back to 1858 when they were invented by John Mason, and today there are plenty of new and useful Mason jar accessories available to accompany them. Practical accessories include everything from types of lids to innovative creations that make canning easier. 

What Types of Closures Are Available?

Traditional Ball Mason jar accessories include continuous thread metal screw tops that are durable and easy to remove. Other Ball Mason jars are fitted with band and disk closures that create a strong seal to keep your products fresh and protect them from exposure to air. Plastic Mason jar caps can be used to store a variety of products or to refrigerate or freeze canned goods that have already undergone the preservation process. For easy pouring, jars can be fitted with a liquid pourer lid, which is a regular screw top with a fixed spout. Fit your Mason jars with plastic lids that contain a hole for drinking beverages and come with reusable straws. Or, attach a pump lid for dispensing products easily.

Additional Wholesale Mason Jar Accessories

Other Mason jar kitchen accessories include jar openers that easily open sealed lids and canning jar lifters for removing hot jars from pressure cookers. Canning racks can be placed in water baths and have handles so you can remove multiple jars at once. Save time by filling jars with canning ladles that hold a large capacity, and use magnetic lid lifters to remove sterilized lids from hot water without contaminating them.

Why Choose Berlin Packaging?

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