Liquor Bottles

Liquor bottles come in many different shapes and sizes such as large growlers or small cordials, commonly referred to as airplane bottles. They are available in both plastic and glass, and while traditionally used to store liquor, they can be useful for packaging a variety of non-alcoholic liquids as well. Complete your order with any number of practical closures, like swing tops or screw caps that can be easily fitted to bottles.

You've spent time perfecting your distilled specialty; be sure to put as much thought into its packaging. Plastic and glass liquor bottles each have their own special qualities, but both are recyclable. Glass bottles are nonporous and prevent contaminants and chemicals from leaching into products. Plastic bottles are lightweight and less likely to break during shipping. Both materials are available in the popular 750 ml liquor bottle, as well as sizes from 1 oz minis to 1.75 liters.

Spirit Bottles for Sale and More

Whether you need growlers, flasks, or wholesale spirit bottles, we have the right ones for your product. Plus, Berlin Packaging can assist you with other aspects of your business, including design, labeling, warehousing, and logistics. Let us help you grow your business!

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