Used as a preservation tool in the past, kilner jars continue to make storage in homes and store easy. With their wide mouths, these glass jars  mean easy filling. Heavy glass lids, with air tight seals and clip tops, afford freshness and a long shelf life for a variety of foods. Their clean, rustic charm continues to appeal to consumers. Both glass and plastic kilner jars are popular today in food, pharmaceutical, and health and beauty industries.

Kilner Jars Enhance The Look Of A Product

The beauty of using kilner jars for pickled fruits, dried beans, bath scrubs, or health and beauty products is the practicality of a container which is easy to fill, and gives an air tight seal. But the additional appeal is clean lines and a humble shape, enhancing the goods inside by not detracting the eye from the product itself. 

Choosing Between Glass And Plastic Kilner Jars

Available in acrylic, PET, and glass means kilner jars are more convenient than ever for all industries. High-quality acrylic and PET plastics give the appearance of kilner glass jars when glass isn't appropriate, like for children's confectionery, for example. And, like their glass counter part, plastic jars come in varieties of shapes and colors to complete the look and feel of the product brand. A benefit of choosing acrylic or plastic jars over glass is largely the difference in weight, making shipping kilner jars wholesale cost efficient, without losing the superior quality and durability of the packaging. Selecting glass kilner jars gives that high-end appeal to premium goods due to the natural heaviness and feel of glass.

Kilner Jars Bring A Unique Desirability

Kilner jars are a desirable product in themselves. Whether choosing a bale wire or air seal lid, or a combination of both, the whimsical look draws consumers' eyes to the unique lid structure that stands out from the rest. This attractiveness complements not only a kitchen counter top, but a bathroom, or bedroom dressing table. Kilner jars are durable, reusable, and in most cases, recyclable.

Quality Service For First-Class Brands

Berlin Packaging has a dedicated team with over 100 years of combined knowledge of quality development and distribution. Check out Berlin's quality service division for ability assessments, 8-D problem solving support, and to make use of their consultants for food and pharmaceutical uses.

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