Choose from a wide range of reliable, economic, and easy-to-use jerricans for storing and transporting various liquids in industrial and laboratory settings. Jerricans are reusable, do-it-all containers. Their lightweight construction and practical design make them suitable for carrying and stacking. Berlin Packaging offers a collection of these cans for industrial use.

Various Uses of Jerricans

Jerricans are useful for storing large quantities of liquid. They are typically designed as fuel and water containers. Available in various sizes, plastic jerricans are available with and without UN ratings. The utility jugs without UN approval are not suitable for use with solvents. However, they can be used for storing almost all non-hazardous liquids. Available in different colors such as blue, natural, and white, they're an attractive and economical solution.

What Caps Come With Jerricans?

Their portability and functional design are two useful features of jerricans. They're best used with the provided cap, some of which offer a leakproof performance. These black tamper-evident caps assure consumers that the contents are uncontaminated. For best results, use a Berlin Packaging wrench to close the caps. This is to make sure the required torque is applied for the optimum performance. Capping tools are sold separately.

What Are The Benefits of HDPE Jerricans?

HDPE jerricans have integrated handles that make carrying easy. Liquids are heavy, so the handles assist when the jerricans are tipped for pouring. Notched bottoms and the shape of these containers let you stack the jerricans, saving on storage space. HDPE jerricans are resistant to rust, dents, and impact, and their durable construction offers long life. 

Why Choose Berlin Packaging?

Berlin Packaging is a one-stop shopping experience to purchase large volumes of cans and bottles to cater to niche markets and industrial needs. They take care of all the aspects of packaging, right from designing the product to supply chain management.

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