Creatively package preserves with jam and jelly jars in various shapes and sizes. Keep products smelling and tasting fresh by using non-porous glass jelly and jam jars. Our jars are easy to sterilize and 100 percent recyclable.

Use Decorative Jelly and Jam Jars

Jelly and jam jars from Berlin Packaging showcase the rich color of fresh fruit preserves. They come in intricately designed and basic versions for home or factory use. Larger operations can purchase bulk jelly jars at wholesale prices to minimize downtime during production and cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Select the Right Jelly Jars for Your Product

Whether you're packaging preserves or using these jam and jelly jars for canning other products, you'll want to choose a size and shape that complement your product. We offer a variety of shapes including scalloped, paragon, round, and squat. Choose from several jelly jars with lids — Mason jam jars with lids that vacuum seal and hexagon jars with lug caps are two popular options. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices, you can further narrow down your list by selecting the desired capacity.

Get Help with Product Decorating and Labeling

Once you've decided on a jelly jar style, trust us to help with the next steps in your packaging process. Berlin Packaging offers etching, spray coating, screen printing, and full-body embossing services to help you create the perfect design for your brand. We provide high-quality, full-service decorating and labeling options based on your product and branding needs. Order large quantities of durable, tear-resistant vinyl peel-and-stick labels that display your own custom-designed logos when you utilize Berlin Packaging's online label creator.

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