Consider janitorial and cleaning bottles from Berlin Packaging that are fitting for a range of cleaning products. Clear containers are suitable for viewing the product inside, while solid white bottles may be the right choice for packaging light-sensitive products. Graduated bottles are useful for monitoring and measuring product capacity. Look for bottles with a recessed label panel to protect labels from damage, and provide a sleek appearance. 

What Products Are Suitable for Use With These Bottles?

Cleaning and janitorial bottles are suitable for packaging anti-bacterial sprays, glass cleaners, degreasing solutions, cream cleansers, air fresheners, and household cleaners. As with many plastic bottles, the janitorial bottles are also suitable for industrial strength cleaners, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, gardening products, and automotive fluids. Look for bottles with a high-temperature threshold for products requiring hot-fill production processes.

Types of Cleaning Bottle Caps

Trigger spray bottles are available for highly viscous products, and many of the cleaning bottles include them. Trigger spray caps are available in multiple colors. If precision product delivery is required, review trigger sprayers that disperse a specific amount with every squeeze. Dip tubes with strainers prevent the sprayers from clogging. For thicker products or products that need to be poured, plain threaded caps may be more suitable. Some bottles come in a set with a cap, while others are sold separately for customized packaging. Polypropylene (PP) caps are available unlined, or with a foam liner. Tamper-evident caps should be a consideration.

What Types Of Materials Are Bottles Constructed From? 

Jaycube, round, and cleaning spray bottles come in either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene terephthalate plastics (PET). Plastic packaging is economical, lightweight, and moisture and impact resistant. HDPE plastics are suitable for packaging many acids and caustics. For packaging that requires a comprehensive thermal tolerance, HDPE plastics may be appropriate. PET has a high-pressure resistance and good stability. Transparent PET plastics have the benefit of looking like glass bottles, but with the safety and durability of plastic.

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