Trends in Packaged Foods

The pandemic had a significant impact on consumers' food consumption habits. More time spent at home created a rise in meals prepared at home and a decline in meals and snacks on-the-go. As consumers return to the workplace and social engagements, we have identified four trends that will impact the packaged food market: Foods with Benefits, Adventurous Eating at Home, Healthy & Satisfying Snacks, and Convenient Packaging.

Trends in Packaged Foods

By: Moira Stein
Date: November 17, 2021


At Berlin Packaging, our team of designers, market strategists, and engineers is ready to help packaged food brands create the perfect packaging for their products. Whether you’re looking for a stock solution or a fully custom package, we will find packaging that stands out on the shelf and aligns with changing consumer needs and values.

Salad Dressing

Food with Benefits

Today’s consumers are increasingly health conscious and looking for foods that contain added nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants. They are interested in products and ingredients that provide dietary benefits, support physical health, and reduce the risk of disease and illness.


A recent GlobalData survey found that over 70% of consumers find ingredients that claim to aid digestive health and boost immunity appealing.

Nature Nate's Raw Honey
Better Body Foods

Fortified and functional foods grew by 10% in 2020.

Beyond physical health, there is also a focus on holistic wellbeing which has led to an increase in foods that benefit mind and mood. This includes CBD for relaxation, nootropics for brain health and products that help with sleep. Studio One Eleven creates custom structural and brand design solutions for a variety of brands, including Better Body Foods cooking oils, Nature Nate's and Plant Junkie.

plant junkie
Eating at home

Adventurous Eating at Home

People are becoming more curious and adventurous in what they eat and experimenting with unique and unexpected flavors. This includes
global ingredients, unusual flavor combinations, and product “mash-ups.” With at-home eating on the rise during the pandemic, consumers are exploring new cooking ideas. Novel food experiences have become a means to bring a sense of excitement to consumers’ lives, contributing to reduced stress and boredom.

Robert Rothschild Farm
4th & Heart Ghee

Packaging plays a big role in enhancing the meal experience and reflecting a product’s uniqueness. Communicating a product’s novelty or regional roots through brand and structural design can be a great way to improve shelf impact and taste appeal.

According to a 2021 GlobalData study, 57% of North American consumers say they are influenced by how unique and enjoyable a product is

Healthy Snacking

Healthy & Satiating Snacks

Adult snacking is on the rise. It has become the “fourth meal,” often replacing traditional eating occasions. There is an increased demand for snack solutions that serve a more meaningful role as mini
meals, helping provide nutritional needs throughout the day.

Due to increased health-consciousness, consumers are also looking for better-for-you snack options, including those that are lower in salt and sugar or have added functional benefits. As discussed with
the previous trend, there is also an interest in more adventurous snack flavors and formats.

Ocean Spray Craveology

Ocean Spray Craveology snacks use a custom package, designed by Studio One Eleven, with a cap that acts as a serving bowl or measuring cup.

According to Elizabeth Avery, president and CEO of SNAC International, “In the next 12 months, expect to see an explosion of all-new snack products made with alternative ingredients, added health benefits, and daring flavors, all to meet the ever-present demands for health, convenience, and fun for the on-the-go consumer.”

Once Again Jars

According to Mondelez's "State of Snacking" study, 59% of adults worldwide prefer snacking to eating meals; that number increases to 70% for millennials.

Customer Shopping

Convenient Packaging

Consumers want products that save them time and effort. In sauces, dressings, and condiments, that can include inverted bottles that make it easy to dispense product.

Salt Shaker

In spices and seasonings, it can include ergonomic shapes and closures that allow for one-hand pouring, like Morton’s Sea Salt and Sea Salt Rubs, both designed by Studio One Eleven.

In snacks, it can include individual sizes and pre-portioned servings that provide on-the-go convenience and improved portion control. As the pandemic continues to wane and consumers return to activities away from home, portable packaging will regain popularity. This can
include single-use, lighter-weight, and all-in-one convenience.

Morton Sea Salt Rub

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