Trends in Cannabis Packaging

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: July 28, 2021

The cannabis sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. According to Marijuana Business Daily, U.S. retail sales for medical and recreational cannabis reached $15 billion in 2020, an approximate 40% increase from 2019. And that number could rise as high as $37 billion by 2024.

Cannabis Packaging

By: Moira Stein
Date: July 28, 2021


Cannabis business is booming in the United States as states continue to legalize medical and recreational cannabis products. With changing regulations and unique product offerings with a wide variety of packaging performance requirements, cannabis packaging poses unique product challenges.


Packaging plays a critical role in this fast-growing and constantly-changing category. Unique regulatory approval and product usage requirements come into play, as well as product and design trends. As the cannabis category continues to mature and evolve - so will packaging solutions.


Accessible and inclusive design is gaining traction in personal care categories, and it is relevant within the cannabis sector as well.

Unilever recently introduced Degree Inclusive for consumers with disabilities.

Procter & Gamble has added tactile markings for the visually impaired to some of their Herbal Essences products. Microsoft’s new Xbox adaptive controller packaging was re-designed for gamers with limited mobility.


With chronic pain and arthritis as common afflictions for cannabis and CBD consumers, easy to open and use packaging is essential in creating a positive user experience.

Child Resistant Packaging

THC-based topicals require child-resistant packaging.

The child-resistant packaging is often at odds with the needs of consumers suffering from pain in their hands, including the prevalent older demographic.

More than 62% of consumers who use medical cannabis do so to treat chronic pain. – Medscape

Medical Cannabis
Studio 111

Studio One Eleven® is designing unique cannabis packaging that explores new functionalities, allowing seniors to utilize the stronger parts of their hands, such as palms or power-grasp fist positions, rather than requiring fingertip actuation of small buttons to unlock.

The packaging will also allow for larger text sizes, where possible, like the oil-dosing tincture which will have measurements two and a half times larger than those typically printed on glass stems.

Cannabis Packaging



Today’s eco-conscious consumers are looking to purchase products that are environmentally friendly.

Cannabis users are especially interested in buying “greener” brands, as they are acutely aware of what they’re putting into their bodies and what they’re putting into the environment.

They often support businesses that use responsible growing practices and sustainable packaging.

A nationwide survey by Canivate Growing Systems found that 79% of cannabis consumers are in favor of establishing environmental standards for cannabis products.

Stone Road

Stone Road operates a biodynamic farm run with 100% solar power.

Their packaging is 99% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled goods.

Other cannabis companies are utilizing aluminum packaging because of its high recycling rate. Biodegradable, compostable and paper-based packaging solutions are also growing in popularity.


Berlin Packaging supplies the GoZero pre-roll tube that is 100% compostable in industrial or municipal facilities. It is better for the environment while also protecting the product inside.

With zero migration, zero odor, and zero visibility these air-tight tubes maintain freshness and meet regulatory requirements.

Cannabis Supplies

Dosing & Delivery

Effective cannabis packaging goes beyond just being regulatory compliant. It needs to address consumer usage habits and user experiences as well.

Dosing & Delivery

Controlled dosing and mess-free application are important for both medical and recreational products. Given some of the negative associations of cannabis, as well as consumer skepticism, it is important that THC-based products reassure consumers that they are getting the proper dosage to be both safe and effective.

Some brands use industry-standard glass bottles and bulb-droppers for their cannabis tinctures, but these are not as well-suited to thicker CBD and THC oils and can create messy, inaccurate and inconsistent dosing.


Berlin Packaging recently acquired Cannasupplies, one of Canada’s largest suppliers of packaging solutions for the cannabis industry.

Their innovative products include oil and extract dosing caps specifically designed for cannabis usage.

Accurate and mess-free delivery systems create a better user experience and can drive repeat purchase and brand loyalty.

Oil & Extract Dosing Caps
Dosing Supplies

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