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Sun Care Packaging Trends

After a challenging couple of years, sunscreen is seeing healthy growth. The return to travel following COVID-19 played a role in the category’s recovery, as did the adoption of daily facial sun protection. A focus on health and wellness and increased education around sun care are influencing the industry.

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Today’s consumers are becoming more aware that sun care is skin care, and the lines between the two categories are blurring. Competition is intensifying as cosmetics and skin care products continue to incorporate SPF protection. Established beauty care players are entering sun care, and vice versa, with the launch of innovative multi-tasking products that combine skin care, cosmetic, and sunscreen attributes. Sun products are being infused with anti-aging or hydrating ingredients typically seen in skin care. And the number of sun protection SKUs with a “face” claim grew by 14% 2020-21.

Sun Care is Self-Care

Self-care and holistic wellness have become a priority for consumers, with an elevated focus on emotional and mental wellbeing and preventative health. Personal care rituals are becoming a form of self-care, and brands are shifting messaging to focus on holistic wellness and multi-functionality. Self-tanning and skin tints are on the rise as consumers look for safe skin brightening/luminosity/ radiance that brings them confidence. Brands are improving their formulations to offer the best user experience by providing a clean smell, easy application, and no transfer.

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Safe & Natural

Demand for safety and transparency is growing. Consumers want to know more about the ingredients in the products they’re using. 54% of North American consumers say they pay a high amount of attention to ingredient lists. Cruelty-free, natural, and clean beauty are the top three claims American consumers find appealing in personal care products. This is driving the growth of mineral-based sunscreens. Beyond clean ingredients, consumers want science-backed claims and substantiation, which can come from dermatologists and medical professionals. Clinical and doctor-backed brands are starting to carry more weight in sun care.

By: Moira Stein
Date: May 23, 2023

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