2022 Pharma/Nutra
Packaging Trends

A look at the trends influencing pharmaceutical package design and innovation.

Pharma Insights

By: Moira Stein
Date: November 8, 2022


COVID-19 increased consumers’ focus on health and wellness, and while the pandemic is waning and consumer behaviors are normalizing, there will be lasting effects on the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical categories.

Consumer stress levels remain high, with lingering concerns for health and hygiene. There is a focus on preventative medicine vs. treatment, and the importance of mental and emotional well-being has come into focus. And economic uncertainty is impacting consumer purchase behaviors amid inflationary pressures and price increases. Developing products and packaging that address the latest consumer needs and preferences can lead to success.

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Personalization and customization have become emerging trends in consumer healthcare as consumers demand more tailored solutions. In a GlobalData survey, the majority of global consumers (60%) claim to be often or always influenced by how the product/service is tailored to their needs.

Today’s products must be more closely aligned with personal values, lifestyle aspirations, and distinct attribute preferences. Technological innovations and digital engagement are further advancing this trend. Consumers seek online tutorials, health & wellness tips, reviews, and personalized recommendations.

Safe & Trusted

The pandemic raised consumer stress and anxiety around health and safety, leading them to seek safe and risk-free options. In a 2022 GlobalData survey, 64% of consumers say they are always or often influenced by how familiar/trustworthy/risk-free a product feels.

Prioritizing product features tied to security, efficacy, and trust will continue to be important to consumers over the next several years. Short and simple ingredient lists, third-party certifications, and local product origins can reassure people that a product is safe and trustworthy. 

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Consumer health industry leaders have identified e-commerce as the most influential trend over the next five years. Despite the explosive increases in e-commerce over the past couple of years, rates are expected to continue to grow due to consumer preferences and regulatory changes. 

Consumers appreciate the convenience, value, and variety offered by online platforms. Beyond traditional e-commerce sites, new D2C brands are entering
the space, and consumer demand for click-and-collect and drive-thru pick-up
is driving growth.

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