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Last year, laundry care retail value sales grew by 3% in the US and 4% in Canada. This growth was primarily driven by price increases, with volumes remaining constant or declining. Liquid fabric softeners and powder detergents saw dramatic declines as consumers favor newer, innovative product formats like scent boosters and sanitizers. The future of laundry care will be impacted by the following trends.

Sustainability Meets Affordability

There’s no doubt today’s consumers prioritize sustainability. However, they are also concerned about their finances and the rising prices of everyday items. Today’s laundry care brands need to cater to consumers’ eco-consciousness and price-consciousness. Berlin Packaging’s Global Sustainability Team helps our customers with sustainable packaging solutions that are impactful, effective, and affordable. We helped Branch Basics transition their Oxy Boost product from a canister to a pouch that weighs 71% less and holds twice the amount of product, resulting in fewer truckloads and reduced CO2 emissions.

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost pouch in laundry basket

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost

Smart Dosing & Dispensing

Appliances are becoming more advanced and incorporating smart features, driving innovation in laundry care products. Dosing has become an area of focus, with brands addressing the issue of detergent overdosing. Consumer demand for convenience and sustainability is also driving a shift in product formats, with ultra-concentrated liquids and single-unit dosing tablets continuing to grow. Optimized dosing solutions can reduce product waste, lower costs, promote sustainability, and improve the quality of the wash cycle.  

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E-commerce Resurgence

After two years of decline, e-commerce laundry care sales saw slight gains in 2023. This rebound demonstrates the sustained interest in e-commerce, including direct-to-consumer and click-and-collect services. According to Euromonitor, 19.5% of US consumers now opt for click-and-collect services for some of their online purchases of household essentials, up from 15% in 2022. E-commerce packaging has unique considerations, needing to withstand increased handling, rigorous conditions, and rough treatment. When online sales increased and leaking challenges arose with The Honest Company’s 70 oz. detergent bottle, Studio One Eleven created a custom package to withstand rigorous e-commerce handling.

Three bottles of Honest laundry detergent

Honest Company laundry detergent

Ingredient Scrutiny

Consumers are increasingly scrutinizing product ingredients, driven by health, safety, and environmental concerns. As consumers become more aware of the effects of chemicals on people and the planet, they are demanding safer products, including natural home cleaning remedies and plant-based formulations. Clean labeling and clear and concise on-pack claims and ingredient information can differentiate from the competition and drive consumer trial. Happy Elephant’s 100% botanical-based formulas are made with sustainable palm oil that is gentle on skin and kind to the environment, helping protect the tropical rainforests that the elephants and other creatures call home.

Happy Elephant Laundry Detergent

Happy Elephant laundry detergent

By: Moira Stein
Date: June 17, 2024

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