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Creating Delight Through Packaging

Team looking at branding design options on board

The past few years have felt like one crisis after the next. Stress levels are elevated after a global pandemic, skyrocketing inflation, multiple wars, and ongoing political discord. People need relief from their daily anxieties – small doses of happiness to take their minds off the chaos around them. Euromonitor International identified “Delightful Distractions” as a consumer trend for 2024, noting that consumers are looking for feel-good moments that uplift them. When it comes to packaging, this can include innovative structural design, creative brand design, unique unboxing experiences, and multi-functionality. Here are several ways you can create delight through packaging.

Unexpected Design

Some of the best brands of the past several decades have wowed consumers with unique and unexpected product design (Apple and Dyson are great examples). Innovative design has the power to delight, excite, and inspire, and that includes package design. Custom packaging solutions can distinguish a brand, add enjoyment, and elevate the user experience. Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven design and innovation division created award-winning custom packaging for Patricks brand of men’s grooming that breaks the personal care mold. The elegant, rectilinear, aluminum-accented, 100% custom package forms – inspired by elements from both personal electronics and automotive design – contrast dramatically with the category's ubiquitous circular jars and tubes. The Studio has eight locations worldwide, creating award-winning packaging solutions for customers around the globe and across every market category.

Patricks Personal Care Packaging

Patricks Men's Grooming

Creative Branding

A successful, healthy brand captures the hearts of consumers, and it does this by being relevant, authentic, and unique. Brand design plays a critical role in telling a brand’s story in a way that connects with – and captivates - consumers. Think about Kraft Mac & Cheese’s noodle smile, Mountain Dew’s electric green, or Olly vitamins’ playful patterns. A distinctive logo, intentional use of color, emotive imagery, meaningful typography, and more work together to create impactful and memorable branding that consumers appreciate. The team at Studio One Eleven helped the Cruise B Happy brand tell their story of free-spirited enjoyment with updated branding and unique packaging graphics. Whimsical illustrations speak to the brand’s sense of freedom and relaxation, with a hand-drawn style that reflects the craftsmanship of the product itself. A white background with flavorful pops of color feels clean and fresh, while subtle bubble imagery communicates delightful effervescence.

Cruise B Happy Cans

Cruise B Happy

Exciting Unboxing

The unboxing process has become increasingly important, especially among younger consumers and social media influencers who post videos opening their packages. The #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag received 15 billion views, demonstrating the power of experience and discovery. Secondary packaging can create enticing and memorable engagement that drives trial and promotes brand loyalty. Consider how the package opens – does it create a sense of excitement and anticipation? How is the product displayed – does it feel special and unique? Do the materials and finishes elevate the experience? How can you add an element of surprise for added delight? Berlin Packaging creates inspired secondary packaging solutions for distilleries, personal care brands, and more.

La Mer Secondary Packaging

La Mer Secondary Packaging

Form and Function

According to GlobalData, consumers are looking for more immersive experiences and are “willing to pay more for products that satisfy them on a more experiential level.” Multi-functional design can create one-of-a-kind experiences that delight consumers. Value-added packaging attributes can include versatility, reusability, convenience, sustainability, or even playfulness! Pastis 12/12 uses the exclusive Julia premium glass bottle developed by Berlin Packaging. The custom-designed cap is more than a simple bottle closure. It is inspired by the traditional French game pétanque, with a detachable ball that allows consumers to play the game while enjoying the fun and flavorful spirit.

Pastis 12/12 bottles

Pastis 12/12

By: Moira Stein
Date: April 11, 2024

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