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Auto Care Packaging Trends & Insights

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Packaging can play a critical role in both the aesthetics and performance of a winning product in the crowded auto care market. Several trends are influencing the category, including environmental considerations, safety concerns, and functional benefits.


As states like California pass regulations requiring post-consumer recycled (PCR) content in plastic packaging, sustainability is becoming imperative for auto care brands. Studio One Eleven created custom-designed spray bottles for Turtle Wax that use 30% PCR plastic, exceeding state minimum requirements. These lighter-weight 16oz and 26oz packages cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce resin use for a total savings of 116,000+ pounds of virgin plastic annually (based on our lifecycle assessment). PCR is just one sustainable packaging solution. Castrol is exploring paper packaging, Wolf introduced a bag-in-box, and the National Lubricant Container Recycling Coalition (NLCRC) is working to “accelerate the achievement of packaging recycling solutions for our industry.” Berlin Packaging’s Global Sustainability Team helps auto car brands find the most effective and impactful sustainable packaging strategy.

Turtle Wax Spray Bottle Line

Turtle Wax


A package’s primary role is to protect the product inside. With electric cars becoming more popular, the safe transportation, storage, and handling of disposal of lithium batteries is becoming important within the auto industry. Given the potential hazards associated with lithium batteries, it is crucial to have safe and certified packaging. Berlin Packaging collaborated on BUNCKER, a packaging solution designed to mitigate risks and provide protection in case of thermal runaway or other incidents. Its fire resistance, insulation, filtering material, and mechanisms to contain and vent gases in a controlled manner aim to contain thermal runaway incidents.




The auto care aisle is crowded, and packaging can play a critical role in differentiating from the competition and winning over consumers. Added functionality and convenience benefits can provide a valuable point of difference, especially in a category that is often considered a chore. Packaging that offers better dispensing, easier handling, time-saving advantages, and more can create an improved user experience that drives trial and builds brand loyalty. Studio One Eleven created a custom bottle for XPS that is designed for a controlled, glug-free pour with an extra-large handle for easy handling, even with gloves.

XPS Lubricants

XPS Lubricants

By: Moira Stein
Date: July 9, 2024

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