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Trends in Beauty and Fragrance Packaging

Berlin Packaging's Double Glass Refill & Go packaging system

Sustainability, e-commerce, changing consumer preferences, value, and technology drive innovations in beauty and fragrance packaging, according to an article from Packaging Insights.

At the recent Comsoprof Worldwide Bologna trade fair, the editors at Packaging Insights sat down with Vivien Charrey, General Manager, Berlin Packaging, to discuss the future of cosmetic, personal care, and fragrance packaging.

"Sustainability is at the heart of current trends, with a strong focus on recycled [content], recyclable materials, and refillable solutions," says Charrey. "We design our packaging, starting with the Design Consciousness concept, to have the lowest environmental impact." Stricter regulations are placing increasing pressure on companies to reduce their packaging waste, notes Charrey.

"At Berlin Packaging, sustainability is a strategic driver that is a part of our day-by-day job and not just a trend," declares Charrey. "The Infusion Fragrance refillable collection is an excellent example of this approach. It offers a new container with a screw neck, which allows the consumer, in combination with the refill set, to refill it once the fragrance is empty."

Other Berlin sustainable packaging options for the prestige beauty market include Double Glass Refill & Go, Airglass Refill & Go, and Airglass Slim Refill & Go products, states Charrey. 

"The growth of e-commerce may lead to a convergence of primary and secondary packaging and to new designs that facilitate the demand for greater automation of logistics processes," explains Charrey. "In addition, the change in consumers' purchasing preferences should be considered, as they are increasingly driven by factors such as comfort, personalization, 'local hero' products, interest in well-being, and value for money." This value proposition and the increasing strain on costs in the packaging value chain reduce retail sales margins, reveals Charrey.

"AI and other new technologies can simplify the entire packaging design process, significantly improving its quality and helping companies reduce material waste due to precise monitoring of the design and material selection phases," declares Charrey.

Contributor: Robert Swientek
Date: April 2, 2024

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