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Berlin Packaging Fashions Elegant Aluminum Bottle for Sparkling Wine

Aluminum bottle for sparkling wine

As part of an innovative project focused on sustainability and tradition, an Italian winery, Ceci 1938, has launched two sparkling wines in a 0.75 liter (750 ml) aluminum bottle, reports an article in European Business magazine.

Berlin Packaging designed the innovative metal bottle, which includes a neck to accommodate a classic cork stopper, metal cage, and seal/capsule. The matte black bottles feature tone-on-tone graphics of the Ceci 1938 logo and simple graduated colors for the printed labeling. An opaque black capsule tops off the stylish bottles.

The packaging is elegant yet simple. The Otello Ceci For The Future Brut label displays white lettering with a gradual shift to the golden yellow of Brut sparkling wine, whereas the Otello Ceci For The Future Nero Di Lambrusco label showcases white lettering enhanced by a slight color gradient reminiscent of the purple hue of Lambrusco froth.

On the back of each bottle is an evocative image of a sunrise (white-to-yellow for the Brut product and white-to-purple for the Lambrusco product), symbolizing the dawn of a new era in wine production and packaging.

Contributor: Robert Swientek
Date: October 18, 2023

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