Berlin Packaging Acquires Industry Leading Premi S.p.A.

Acquisition expands capabilities for beauty and cosmetic packaging

Berlin Packaging Acquires Industry Leading Premi S.p.A.


MILAN (January 12, 2022) - Berlin Packaging, the world's largest hybrid packaging supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Premi S.p.A., a global packaging supplier that specializes in dynamic and innovative solutions for the beauty and cosmetic industries.

Leader in Beauty and Cosmetic Packaging

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, with over 150 employees throughout Europe, the United States, and Asia, Premi supplies a wide range of packaging products and services to leading cosmetic companies. With research and development centers on three continents, Premi helps its customers from initial conception to product launch and is a recognized leader in the beauty packaging industry.

Turnkey Solutions for Customers

In addition to its design and innovation capabilities, Premi also boasts a variety of other value-added services that allow it to deliver turnkey solutions for its customers, including formulation services, compatibility and stability testing, sustainability solutions, branding services, digital marketing, and more. Premi also offers customizable packaging solutions with no minimum order requirements through its online store, Stocksmetic.  

“This is a key acquisition for Berlin Packaging. Premi is a market leader in the beauty packaging industry with incredible know-how for the design and production processes. By leveraging our combined footprint and capabilities, we will deliver unparalleled solutions to our customers,” said Paolo Recrosio, CEO of Berlin Packaging EMEA. 

“We are proud to join Berlin Packaging,” said Alessandro Prestini, CEO of Premi. “We have a very talented organization. With its global scale and resources, Berlin Packaging will provide our people with more opportunities and help our company reach its full potential around the world.”

“Not only does the addition of Premi rapidly expand our product portfolio in the important beauty and cosmetic sectors, but its emphasis on being a one-stop shop for customers is the perfect match for our hybrid packaging business model. Combined with our already formidable innovation capabilities and services, we will create even more value for our customers,” said Bill Hayes, Berlin Packaging’s Global CEO and President.

Premi is the 19th acquisition by Berlin Packaging in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) since 2016.

All employees and locations for this acquisition will be retained.

By: Celeste Osborne
Date: January 12, 2022