How to Seal a Mason Jar for Commercial Distribution?

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: January 26, 2020

Sealing perishables inside of a mason jar is essentially the equivalent of canning. Many products, like pickles, jams, salsas, and other preserves have a more artisanal look inside of a clear glass mason jar. Most commercial environments opt to use large vacuum sealing devices that have specific settings and functions ideal for your workflow. First, please follow an FDA-approved sterilization process to safely clean and fill the jars. To ensure you're sealing the mason jars properly, either fit the jars with a vacuum seal lid device or place them inside of a tray of a commercial vacuum sealing equipment. Place the filled jars inside the tray and follow the settings to learn how to seal a mason jar properly.

How your company seals mason jars will need to be customized based on your products and volume. For example, restaurants or small-batch producers can use a heat bath method to seal small amounts of mason jars.

Vacuum Seal

Ensure your products are shelf-stable and safe for consumption by incorporating a standardized and consistent vacuum seal process for mason jars. DIY enthusiasts often use hot water vacuum seal methods for mason jars, but commercial environments need to utilize equipment that automates the process for large scale production. Commercial packing machines seal mason jars for wholesale and retail production. They have sensors that control the pressure applied to lids during the vacuum sealing process. You'll need to train your team to properly operate and maintain the equipment.

Airtight Seal

When properly sealed with a vacuum sealer or other commercial sealing units, mason jars are airtight. When done correctly, a mason jar is as airtight as a canned product. A vacuum-sealing device detects the mixture of gasses that remains inside the jar during the process, which in turn prevents oxidation inside the jar until it's opened. When executed in line with professional and FDA-approved standards, airtight mason jars are an excellent storage solution for shelf-stable products like pasta sauces, pickled vegetables, fruit preserves, and some dry goods. Mason jars are designed for a wide range of uses and offer many lid designs for different food options. Many customers are familiar with the iconic two-piece mason jar lid, but there are other lid options that ensure that mason jars are airtight during packaging.

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