Woozy & Hot Sauce Bottles

Bulk hot sauce bottles are a practical packaging solution for several food items. The elongated neck on woozy bottles offers an easy fill-and-pour option. Glass hot sauce bottles also help protect your product from losing potency when sealed with airtight caps.

Choosing the Right Hot Sauce Bottles for Your Product

Your product's viscosity should determine the shape of the bottle you choose. Depending on the style of hot sauce bottle you select, it can hold and dispense a variety of sauces, toppings, or dressings. Oval-shaped glass sauce containers are viable options for thicker sauces like chunky salsa or pico de gallo. Glass hot sauce bottles are perfect for oil- or vinegar-based hot sauce. Clear mini bottles are a quick solution for holiday food gift boxes or sampler packs.

Benefits of Glass Hot Sauce Bottles

Glass is a classic packaging option that protects condiments from potential chemical leaching. Using glass bottles for hot sauce also helps preserve the distinct, spicy aroma of your product. Since glass packaging is non-porous, it won't absorb flavors either, keeping your product potent longer. Glass is a highly renewable resource, so it's also a sustainable option.

Woozy Bottles as Packaging

Glass or plastic woozy bottles are the most common bottles used for hot sauce. Glass and plastic bottles are both durable and are often paired with orifice reducers and tamper-evident screw cap closures when packaging hot sauces. Plastic bottles are pliable and easy to squeeze, allowing you to empty them entirely. Plastic is also shatter-resistant, cost-effective, and recyclable. Glass hot sauce bottles have long necks and rounded bodies that accept a variety of labeling options, including plastic shrink-wrap, acid etching, and vinyl peel-and-stick labels.

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